Scholarship Update

Scholarship applications for PCC are now available!

Please pay your tuition in full as scholarship recipients will be reimbursed by PCC. All scholarship awards will be paid directly to PCC from the Alumni Organization, on behalf of the recipient. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions about scholarships, please email

In addition to partial scholarships, the PCC Alumni Organization will also be sponsoring one full scholarship in honor of PCC Alumnus Michael Kulibaba. All submitted applications will be considered for partial scholarships and the Kulibaba Scholarship. Thank you to all of the PCC Alumni who helped to fund the Kulibaba Scholarship!

Download the PCC AO Scholarship Application here: PCCAO Scholarship App

If you are interested in sponsoring a scholarship, please email with the subject line “Sponsor a Scholarship” and we would love to discuss options with you!

7 thoughts on “Scholarships

    • Dear Mrs. Wilcox,

      Applications will be available on this website on April 1, 2017. We hope that your daughter enjoys the program and we wish her luck in the scholarship process!


  1. Hi. I am interested for my daughter to apply for an alumni scholarship, as she is hoping to be accepted to PCC 2017. Can you please keep me updated as to when the application will be available?


    • Dear Maryann,

      Scholarship applications will be available on this website on April 1. Thank you for your interest and we hope that your daughter enjoys the summer of a lifetime at PCC 2017!


      • Thank you! She and I can’t wait for her to attend. It was the summer of a lifetime for me back in 1983. Crazy how that sounds…PCC ’83.


  2. Are the scholarship applications available yet? If we have to pay in full by April, and then receive a scholarship, is it in the form of some sort of refund?


    Patty kenney


    • Dear Patty,

      You are correct. PCC AO will pay the scholarships directly to PCC and PCC will reimburse the scholarship recipients after they have already paid in full. Please let us know if you have any further questions!


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